Our mission

The ReCapNet focuses on the interactions between real estate markets and capital markets. The aim of the network is to assess the consequences of such interactions for housing and commercial real estate markets, for the development perspectives of different real estate markets and for the stability of real estate and financial markets.

Impressions from the ReCapNet 2023


The network organizes annually a small boutique conference alternately in Stockholm and Regensburg; it solicits papers from all areas of economic and financial sciences that shed light on various aspects of real estate.

The quality of the submissions is very high. We usually have twice as many very well-written papers as places at the conference, so please do not be disappointed if it does not work out, try again next year.

We try to share with you the comments from the reviewers to help you improve the paper. We understand from our own experience that it is not easy when our manuscripts are rejected, but we usually get good feedback from authors whom we reject. And this is what the conference participants say:

  • “Thank you very much for the invitation and the perfect organization of the ReCapNet conference! I really enjoyed it.”
  • “Thanks for the invite. I really enjoyed the event and I had fun reading/discussing the paper.”
  • “(…) thank you very much for organizing the conference, it was great to finally present in person again. I think the conference was organized very well (…)”

Reviewing Committee

We are very thankful for the reviewers of the last years:

Omokolade Akinsomi · Shaun Bond · Dirk Brounen · Zhuo Chen · Sven Damen · Xiaoying Deng · Avis Devine · Piet Eichholtz · Seow Eng Ong · Sviatlana Engerstam · Heidi Falkenbach · Marcel Fischer · Marc Francke · Julia Freybote · Franz Fuerst · Cecilia Hermansson · Carolin Hoeltken · Martin Hoesli · Rogier Holtermans · Mohammad Ismail · Artashes Karapetyan · David Ling · Niku Maattanen · Pierre Mabille · Gianluca Mattarocci · Pat McAllister · Meagan McCollum · Stanimira Milcheva · Linh D. Nguyen · Seow Eng Ong · Are Oust · Daniel Ruf · Felix Schindler · Steffen Sebastian · Michael Seiler · Han-Suck Song · Zisheng Song · Simon Stehle · Eva Steiner · Bertram Steininger · Andreas Stephan · Lars E.O. Svensson · Carles Vergara · Ryan Voges · Sofie Waltl · Peter Westerheide · Mats Wilhelmsson · Yildiray Yildirim · Erkan Yönder · Chen Zheng · Bing Zhu

Scientific Committee

Omokolade Akinsomi · Shaun Bond · Xiaoying Deng · Piet Eichholtz · Heidi Falkenbach · Marc Francke · John Glascock · Carolin Hoeltken · Seow Eng Ong · Felix Schindler · Steffen Sebastian · Bertram Steininger · Peter Westerheide

Organizing Committee

Steffen Sebastian · Bertram Steininger


Most former conference papers have been published in highly-ranked peer-reviewed journals. We list them in Publications.


All started in 2009 when Peter Westerheide (BASF, ZEW) and Felix Schindler (HIH Invest Real Estate, Steinbeis Hochschule) founded the Leibniz network for Real Estate Markets and Capital Markets (ReCapNet) at the ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim (Germany). Organizing workshops and conferences are the main contribution from the beginning. Later, Tim A. Kroencke (FHNW School of Business), Bertram Steininger (KTH), Oliver Lerbs (HSPV NRW), Dominik Rehse (ZEW), Michael Schröder (ZEW), and Carolin Hoeltken (U Cambridge) joined the team and took over the responsibility to organize the conference. Currently Bertram Steininger (KTH) and Steffen Sebastian (U Regensburg) are organizing the annual conference.

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